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Quick Ideas for Revision Games

By: Kate Simpson BA, MA - Updated: 19 Apr 2013 | comments*Discuss
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Revision need not be a chore. Indeed, it should not be. Incorporating play into your revision routine is a sure fire way to make certain that your concentration levels are high.

If you feel actively involved with the information and ideas you are working with, they will settle with ease into your memory. Here are a three quick ideas for fun and effective revision games...

Playing Pairs

This game is particularly useful when learning foreign language vocabulary or complicated terminology and is especially effective for visual and kinaesthetic learners.

You will need a number of small blank pieces of card. Write a foreign word, a piece of terminology or a concept on one card. On another card, write the translation, meaning or explanation that corresponds with the word on the first. Create card pairs for as many sets of words or concepts as you like.

When you are done, mix up all the cards and arrange them on the floor or on a table, with the black side facing up and the writing hidden. Turn over two cards at a time. The aim is to turn over two matching cards together. Try to remember where all the cards are and slowly you will begin to collect pairs. Once a pair has been found, move it to the side. This game is especially fun if you play it with a friend; take it in turns to turn over two cards over each. The winner is the person who has collected the most pairs once all the cards have gone.


Get together with a friend and create word searches and cross word puzzles for each other, using words and clues related to the topic which you are studying. Make use of online word search and crossword creators. Try to complete the puzzles as quickly as you can, thinking about the words and their meanings as you go.


Get a little exercise whilst revising. In a pair or a group, think of a theme or area of study. You might choose 'Bones in the Human Body' for example. If there are two of you, stand opposite each other. If there are three or more of you, stand in a circle. One person begins by throwing a ball to another and, as they throw the ball, they must shout out a word linked to the topic. They might shout 'femur', for example.

They trick is to think, literally, on your feet as the ball is thrown from person to person. Concentrate hard to ensure you do not reuse words that others have previously shouted. Once you have used up all the words the pair or group can think of, repeat the exercise. This time, try to throw the ball quicker between you, speeding up your thought process and committing the words to memory.

Role Play

If you are a fan of drama or creative writing, why not incorporate your passions into your revision schedule? Write short speeches and mini-plays in order to help you remember important information. Be imaginative. You might pretend you are the River Nile and write a speech full of facts, introducing yourself. You might be a famous scientist explaining your findings or an author talking about your novel. If you suffer from stage fright, there is no need to share your speeches and plays with others. Simply use them as an enjoyable means of learning.

If you don't already make use of revision games, it is time to inject them into your study. You might even like to make up a few of your own.

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